Exclusive: Shocking Revelations – Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup Disaster Exposed

Former Pakistan skipper Babar Azam, alongside coaches Mickey Arthur and Grant Bradburn, allegedly neglected the team’s fitness leading up to the ODI World Cup in India, as claimed by former Pakistan cricket team director Mohammad Hafeez. Hafeez also alleged that during tests conducted on some Pakistani players in Australia, they struggled to complete a 2-kilometer run. He further asserted that the players’ body fat percentage and endurance levels fell well below international cricket standards, with their body fat levels exceeding the normal limit.

Pakistan, under Babar Azam’s leadership, failed to reach the semi-final knockout round in the World Cup, losing five out of nine league matches and finishing fifth overall.

Hafeez revealed on the ARY sports channel that upon assuming the role of director in 2023 and arriving in Australia, he instructed the team trainer to assess the players’ fitness standards and develop a new fitness regimen. However, he was stunned to learn that the former captain and head coach had instructed the trainer six months earlier not to prioritize fitness and allow the players to play as they wished.

In modern cricket, fitness is considered a paramount concern for all teams, emphasized the former Pakistan cricket team director.

On February 15, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced the departure of Mohammad Hafeez from his role as director of cricket for the Pakistan men’s cricket team. The PCB expressed gratitude to Hafeez for his invaluable contributions, noting his inspirational passion for the game and the significant mentorship he provided during the tours of Australia and New Zealand. The PCB extended its best wishes to Hafeez for success in his future endeavors.

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